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Local SEO is important. Thats a fact! Around 46% of all searches on google in 2023 are local. If you run a small business and don’t have all your SEO in order, you’ll be missing an opportunity every time someone searches locally for your products or services online. And LOTS of people are searching.

PLM Digital will help drive relevant traffic to your website through a structured and targeted SEO campaign. By putting you in front of the right customers, we’ll help increase enquiries, sales & revenue for your business.

Future proofing SEO

Our Analysis, research and outreach workflows are powered by machine learning and enhanced AI engines which help us deliver effective, data driven SEO campaigns that increase customer conversions.

We're harnessing the true POWER of Ai.

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No spammy methods, keyword stuffing or slow turnaround times. We focus on getting your entire site up to speed so that it ranks quickly. Research, On-Page, Technical SEO & user experience optimisations are handled for you.


Ai Powered Dashboard.

Full INtegrated with Leading Tools

Easily Track & Monitor.

High Quality Relevant Links

Link Building Strategy.

Human written SEO Content

SEO Optimised Content.

Progress Reports Submitted Monthly

Detailed Reporting.

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Newer websites & businesses covering only 1 primary location
SAVE 12%
* $522.00 billed every 3 months
(Until cancelled)


For growing businesses with expanding service areas
SAVE 17%
* $744.00 billed every 3 months
(Until cancelled)


For established businesses covering multiple locations
SAVE 10%
* $2025.00 billed every 3 months
(Until cancelled)


Newer websites & businesses covering only 1 primary location
*Billed monthly in advance
(Until cancelled)


For growing businesses with expanding service areas
*Billed monthly in advance
(Until cancelled)


For established businesses covering multiple locations
*Billed monthly in advance
(Until cancelled)

Not quite sure where to start? We're here to help.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Get a free SEO video audit.

Whether you are an established business, a start-up or an e-commerce store, our SEO Specialist team can help you with your online and digital marketing. Request a free SEO audit today and get the ball rolling.

How It All Works

We aim to keep it simple.

Your campaign will be managed by PLM Digital and you can choose to collaborate with us, or leave us to it. We’ll report back to you on our progress every month, as well as outlining what to expect for the coming months. Everything is a reoccurring, continuous workflow making it easy to implement & track.



Keyword analysis

First, we’ll get to work analysing your competition in order to establish the best keywords for use during your SEO campaign.



On-Page SEO

We enhance your existing content, titles, URL structure & meta data to ensure everything is set up to best serve your target keywords.



Technical SEO

As well as creating regular SEO optimised content, we also build high quality links to your site which act as trust signals for the search engines.

Local SEO FAQ's

Frequently asked questions.

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding local SEO for SME businesses. If you still cant find what your looking for, feel free to get in touch with one of our SEO profressionals.

Local SEO is the process whereby we increase the visibility of your business in the local search results. Through this targeted digital marketing approach, we will actively optimise key online elements in order to push you higher up the organic search listings and within Google's "maps" section. The aim is to attract nearby customers who are searching for your products or services in real time.

SEO works by making a website more attractive to search engines like Google. Optimising your website by using specific words and phrases that match what people search for is the first step, as well as ensuring the site is easy to read and loads quickly. Then, the process involves ensuring trust signals are gained to help reinforce the credibility of your brand. We achieve this by creating quality, informative content that attracts links from other websites and social media shares.

It depends on your starting point. There are very occasionally quick fixes that have transformed the search ranking and sales of our clients immediately, but they are the exception. For most businesses we’d expect it to be 3-6 months before you’ll even start to see results and probably over a year before you see the full return on your investment. It will be quicker the more resource you invest and slower if your website is in need of modifications or you don’t have much time or money to invest in it.

Think of SEO a little like planting a garden. First, you prepare the soil (optimize your website), then you plant the seeds (keywords and content). Then you have to water and care for the garden (continue optimizing and creating content) before anything grows (results). While you can see gains in your rankings in as little as 1 month, the real results and top positions require a targeted, on-going campaign. The more you put in, the longer you'll remain at the top.

Once signed up, you'll be granted access to our SEO software dashboard where you'll get to see whats happening in your campaign in real time. We'll also send you regular ranking reports so you can track your targeted keyword positions and historical data within the search engines.


Our client reviews.

Dont just take our word for it. PLM Digital have been helping accelerate online businesses for over 15 years.

"Yesterday I received my first call and today ive received 3 calls and closed one job. Its early days but its certainly promising. I really appreciate your work to date"

Matthew M

DSTV Installer

"1 month in the calls have been steady. Thank you for your work to date. Online sales are up for the qtr and we now have more time to focus on customer deliverables"

Cathy Jenkins

ANR Retail

"We are now showing up in the maps section on Google for the very first time since launching our website. Thank you to the team at PLM for the great results so far"

M. Row

Dentech Ltd

"We instantly seen an upturn in calls and recently have seen physical visits to our location improve. The listing now regularly appears top 3 in the maps and we are gaining some great reviews"

John Cullins

JC Repairs